Pedieos river/ Kanlıdere Field visit: The river that will unite Nicosia

With support from the Technical Committee on the Environment, funding from the European Union Programme Support Office and assistance from UNFICYP, which has facilitated collaboration between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot sides/communities, the Nicosia Master Plan has been carried out.  Aim of this project was to conduct a feasibility study intending to extend the linear park across Nicosia city as a venue for Greek and Turkish Cypriots to use together.

As part of this plan, the TCE has worked on remodeling a part of the Pedieos river/ Kanlıdere, an area where garbage and rubble carried by the river end up, and has not been touched by human hands for the last 46 years.

This area will connect the city of Nicosia at a distance of 2.5 kilometers with a pedestrian and bicycle road, small bridges, ponds and small houses that already exist and will be used to function for other purposes such as showrooms, with cafes, places of activity, rest and more.

To this reason, a mutual visit to the area has been conducted by the Technical Committee on Environment and joined by experts from both sides/communities exchanging ideas on how to remodel and upgrade the area.


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