TCE's Second Plenary Meeting of 2023

The Technical Committee on Environment convened its second plenary meeting on May 31st, aiming to foster collaboration and tackle environmental challenges on the island.

During the meeting, committee members emphasized promoting cooperation and addressing environmental issues. They reviewed the progress made since the previous meeting and evaluated the implementation of the 2023 work plan. The importance of effective communication was highlighted through a comprehensive communication plan, which aimed to raise awareness about environmental challenges and engage the public.

Moreover, the meeting provided detailed information about the poison use reduction project, including its objectives, methodologies, and expected outcomes. Additionally, other ongoing projects and actions were discussed in parallel.

The UN Youth Champions joined the group in the latter half of the plenary meeting, adding a dynamic and inspiring dimension to the discussions. The Youth Champions took advantage of the opportunity to introduce themselves and discuss possible areas of collaboration between the TCE and the UN Youth Champions.

Overall, the meeting highlighted the need for a collaborative effort in accomplishing environmental goals and working for a better future for all.


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